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July 25, 2017
You probably have a science degree, or engineering degree, or even MBA! However, you realize that to have financial success, what we need is financial education. We can hardly achieve financial freedom by just working. Most parents, teachers in the school just taught us to get a good result, and study a HOT course in college in order to get hired by a multi-national company. They seldom teach us financial knowledge. Do you agree that NOT every lawyer and doctor knows how to manage their high income.
KCLau bestselling author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians

The BIG question is where to get financial education? You can read books, attend seminars, learn from financial gurus and some people even attend the CFP, RFP, ChFC, CFA ...... not for the professional qualification, but for the "financial" knowledge. Well, it may takes years to complete those courses and spend way more, but yet you'll still find yourself confused! And even worse, you are overloaded with information that just paralyze your decision-making ability.


Conclusion: It is not easy to become your own FINANCIAL PLANNER when you are too busy making a living!

What if there is an easy way to acquire this financial planning knowledge you desire? Not just so, we can even make it fun for you to learn, with simplified curriculum, and interaction required to make learning effective!

My Money My Life Training Course

Get Trained by the Most Sought-after Trainer of Professional Financial Planners, ADRIAN HO

This is a financial planning training course conducted by the most sought-after financial planning trainer in Malaysia, Adrian Ho. You'll get access to 6 Modules recorded training, PLUS 4 new live online sessions with Adrian Ho.

It is designed and customized solely for Malaysians who want to plan their own finances. You will first receive 6 recorded training video instantly after you register. We'll then conduct the other 4 new live sessions and all recordings will be made available in the members' area. Each session will be at least 60 minutes long. You'll learn first hand directly from this master trainer of most professional financial practitioners in Malaysia.

After you sign up, you'll immediately get the registration link to the very first live session.

I have watched Adrian's webinar twice. Never get tired of it. I find it both very interesting and educational. Excellent training! Kenny Ng
Adrian Ho's  financial teaching is easy to understand. I hope people can follow and achieve their retirement goals! Choy Foong

Here's Everything You'll Get, As Soon As You Join the
"RinggitSense.com My Money My Life" Training Course...

  • Module 1 - Managing My Money (worth RM198)

    How do money management skills impact your life?
    Principle of financial stewardship.
    The financial pyramid.
    What does it mean to “manage” your money?
    When do you need to manage?
    Where do you begin?
    How to Turn your dreams into goals

  • Module 2 - My Relationship with Money (worth RM198)

    How is your money relationship?
    What’s your past encounters with money?
    Why do you want money?
    What’s your money personality?
    What can money get you today?

  • Module 3 - Setting my Budget (Worth RM198)

    What is a budget?
    Needs VS. Wants
    How should You start?
    Steps to set up your budget
    How can you follow your budget?

  • Module 4 - Creating my Rainy Day Fund (worth RM198)

    What is a rainy day fund?
    Why do you need an emergency fund?
    What are the common emergency situations you will face in life?
    Where should you store your rainy day fund?
    Where can you find extra money to save for rainy day fund?

  • Module 5 - Living on Less Money (worth RM198)

    Why Less is More?
    What does it mean to be frugal?
    How can I practise being frugal?
    How can I save money on various areas?
    How can I earn extra money?
    What are financial scams?
    The 3Ls principle

  • Module 6 - Giving and Growing (worth RM198)

    Why do we give?
    The principles of 3G
    The GIVE action steps

ItemDetailsValue (RM)
ItemDetailsValue (RM)
Module 1Managing My Money198
Module 2My Relationship with Money198
Module 3Setting My Budget198
Module 4Creating My Rainy Fund198
Module 5Living on Less Money198
Module 6Giving and Growing198
Module 701Borrowing Basics198
Module 702Using My Credit Cards Wisely198
Module 703Financing My Car Wisely 198
Module 704Managing My Debts S.U.C.C.E.S.S.-fully198
Lifetime UpdateAs a lifetime member, you get all the future updates and new training. No additional fee required.999
  • Downloadable videos, audios and spreadsheets

    You can stream the video online. And also unlike other membership sites that don’t allow members to download the material, we are different. You can download everything we put up there!

  • Unlimited Access, 24/7 for a Lifetime

    You get anytime, anywhere access to materials. So in fact there is no need to download at all because you can always come back to do revision and restudy the materials, as long as we are still in business. Well, we are really seriously doing this and Adrian Ho is not going anywhere.

  • Q&A Support

    Any question regarding the relevant topics? You just need to post it in the comment section or ask during the live webinars. Adrian Ho will personally answer all your queries.

  • Lifetime Material Updates

    There are so much financial stuff to teach you. And we are adding new modules and live session every time there is a new intake. So as an existing members, you will get all new updates without extra cost!

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Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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But I'm confident you'll stay in, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you've accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

Adrian Ho is a very experienced and competent trainer in the industry. Recommended! Jackie Teh, registered Unit Trust Consultant and Insurance Agent (Life & General)

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